Freelancers we worked with

People we recommend

It’s not always easy to find professional, serious and effective freelancers. Especially for the early stage startups. Here is a list of people that contributed to our development. We'd like to thank them.

Dmitrii Tregubov

Web Development
“Dmitrii took a Webflow website broken by another developer, fixed it, and has been building websites for us ever since.”

Zoltan Kosa‑Szantho

“Zoltan took all the UI building blocks of a complicated framework and turned it into holistic designs that we were able to pass to developers for development“

Alexander Glevsky

Web Development
“Alex not only created our site from mere design sketches, but setup a member‑only backend/frontend framework that has been working seemlessly“

Connie Rock

Video Production
“Connie created a beautiful video and storyline for one of our affiliated non-tech businesses”

Elizabeth Bass

Creative Ideation
“Liza helped us uncover important aspects about our new Brand. She helped us reflect on our priorities and unbox everything boxed in“

Danko Herrera

“Danko took ideas from our interns and made them real“

Caio Tomazoni

Social Campaigning
“Caio understood our personas, created campaigns, and executed them near‑flawlessly”

Evgenii Kliuchnikov

Video Editing
“Evgenii took our shitty videos and created CNN‑quality results”

Asmat Ullah

Web Research
“Asmat was like a SaaS under the name of a Modest Pakistani Freelancer“

Dan Cotruta

“Dan created the initial visual identity for one of our websites. We’ve since made many changes to the site layout and content, but we’ve being relying on that identity ever since”

Freelancers we don’t recommend

We invest a lot of time and effort into our relationships with freelancers, so we expect a minimum level of reciprocity. This does not always happen. Here are the freelancers we don’t recommend working with.