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  • The # of new projects in tech is increasing exponentially
  • How to discover required knowledge and not waste months on dead ends?
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MirData.Report is a Platform for Data Science experts to share their expertise and opinions. We focus on real peoples’ expertise to show how data science can deliver business outcomes


Expert knowledge from practitioner interviews delivered in short video segments


Relevant business questions answered by experts


Face-to-face and virtual events help facilitate discussions that cannot happen any other way
Data Focused
Value-add product feature set with a specialized-focus on Data Science
D = Data Scientist
A community-focused approach to help bring together talent actively involved in Data Science


Data.ML is a collaborative knowledge platform for technical talent where members are incentivized to share skills and expertise, to collaborate on <code> and [Apps], to recruit other members, and to be a resource when other members require their help. It is a combination of peer-networking coupled with a centralized platform for "all things" data science.